What teachers and schools should expect from their participation in the Digital Schools Awards

Catherine Cunningham from Digital Schools Awards talks us through the journey schools can expect from their involvement in the programme.

Catherine is a validator for the programme and in this session, she gives a detailed view of what teachers need to consider when doing the self-evaluation; collating evidence and how to prepare for the validation visit.

Leadership Series #2 Judi Regan, St Andrew’s Nursery School, Scotland

Judi Regan, St Andrew’s Nursery School, Scotland talks to Joanna Maclean, Digital Schools Awards about how she is leading digital learning and teaching at St. Andrew’s Primary School.

Judi explains how the Digital Schools Awards model helped innovation and knowledge transfer from her previous school, Menzieshill Primary School, to St. Andrews and what are main digital challenges and what strategies helped/are helping her.

Leadership Series #3 Sarah Jenkins Rosebank Primary School, Scotland

Joanna Maclean, Digital Schools Awards talks to Sarah Jenkins, Rosebank Primary School about their approach to attaining and maintaining school improvements in digital literacy.

Rosebank Primary is a city centre school in Dundee, Scotland and is located in an area of high deprivation.

270 pupils attend Rosebank which is based on a community campus that consists of two schools, a nursery school and a community centre.

The school received their Digital Schools Award in 2017.

Leadership Series #4 Daviot Primary School, Scotland

Welcome to the Digital Schools Awards Leadership Series.

You are joining Joanna Maclean, validator for Digital Schools Awards in conversation with Arlene Daviot Primary School in Inverness, Highlands.

In this session Arlene reflects on Daviot’s approach to using self-reflection to lead digital transformation in school. Daviot Primary was awarded digital school status in 2019 and Cyber Resilience and Internet Safety Badge in 2020.

Leadership Series #5 Jayne Mays & Barbara Smith, Fintry Primary School, Scotland

Jayne Mays and Barbara Smith at Fintry Primary School in Dundee City, Scotland, talk to Joanna Maclean, Digital Schools Awards about their school’s journey to becoming an awarded digital school.

Jayne and Barbara share insights into how teachers at Fintry are empowered to take digital literacy forward in their own classrooms and how the school is supporting independent learning and engaging learners of all abilities.