Digital Wellbeing Award for Cyber Resilience and Internet Safety

Digital Schools Awards Digital Wellbeing Award for Cyber Resilience and Internet Safety:

What is Digital Wellbeing Award and what do schools need to know:

  • Digital Wellbeing Award is a Special Recognition Award for Cyber Resilience and Internet Safety. The award is the latest version of the Cyber Resilience and Internet Safety Badge which was released in 2019
  • This is the first initiative of its kind to be delivered in Scotland
  • Digital Wellbeing Award has been designed to provide education professionals with the resources and support required to help pupils safely navigate the digital world
  • The framework has been developed by Digital Schools Awards in partnership with Education supported and is supported by Scottish Government, Child Protection Unit & Police Scotland
  • Digital Wellbeing Award is open to early years, primary and secondary schools
  • Participation is FREE
  • Schools can apply for Digital Wellbeing Award without going for The Digital Schools Awards or it can be done in conjunction with their application to become a Digital School
  • There are the four steps in the programme:
  • All questions are compulsory; however documentation or evidence may cover many statements.  You are not required to upload evidence for every statement.  All evidence will be reviewed prior to the validation visit.
  • Schools can register online at If your school is already registered simply log-in, go to the My Self Evaluation Menu and select Digital Wellbeing Award from the drop-down menu.
  • Email for help/further information