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Digital Schools Company is a specialist in digital education programmes for schools.

Digital Schools Company is an independent organisation specialising in digital education programmes for schools.  

Digital Schools Co. operates the Digital Schools Awards and Awards4SELFIE education programmes to support ministries and schools to enhance their digital education practices.

In 2015, Digital Schools Company, backed by industry partners led by HP Inc., launched the Digital Schools Awards in the UK and Ireland to provide teachers and school leaders in schools with opportunities to use digital technology and to enhance their digital competences and have these acknowledged.  Over 3,900 schools are registered for the programme and 965k pupils from nursery through secondary level have been supported.  

In 2020, Digital Schools Co. was awarded Erasmus+ funding by the European Commission to lead a consortium of ministries, industry and education partners from five countries (Ireland, Lithuania, Scotland, Serbia and Slovenia) to explore a new European SELFIE – Digital Schools Awards focused on embedding the SELFIE tool within the programme.  When the pilot concludes in spring 2023, it will have supported an additional 72,000 pupils and demonstrate the potential to be sustainable in the participating countries and beyond.

In 2021, Digital Schools Co. was successful in a further European Commission Erasmus+ bid to lead a consortium from four countries to design, build and validate a practice sharing hub and mentor system focused on the development and dissemination of best practices in digital deployment.  The SELFIE – Digital Schools Academy will facilitate the transfer of digital competence from digitally mature schools to those whose digital journey is less developed.

Most recently, Digital Schools Co. established a consultation for Digital Wellbeing in Schools.   Wellbeing of young people is increasingly a subject of concern and is making its way into education policy in many countries, particularly in light of the increase in online and remote education as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  The aim of a Digital Wellbeing consultation is to draw together up-to-date thinking on how to promote a whole-school approach to developing positive, constructive and resilient students in the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to maximise the benefits of digital technologies for personal, social and learning purposes.  A conceptual framework is intended to provide a basis for discussion among education policy makers on how to develop a detailed framework that can be implemented in schools and that will complement the suite of Digital Schools Awards.

Digital Schools Co. was established in Ireland in 2019.  

For more information about us or enquiries about our programmes and partner opportunities, contact:

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Programme Manager
Digital Schools Co.
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